Microsoft’s search engine Bing prohibits Crypto commercials

Melissa Alsoszatai-Petheo of Microsoft’s search engine Bing announced that all crypto ads will be banned with immediate effect. Microsoft is thus following in the footsteps of other market leaders such as Facebook, Google and Twitter, where these types of ads are either severely restricted or completely banned. will implement these changes to the Financial Products

„We are constantly evaluating our advertising policies to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for the user and the digital advertising ecosystem,“ said Melissa Alsoszatai-Petheo, „Because crypto currencies and related products are not regulated, we have identified an increased risk for our users and found that malicious actors could engage in fraudulent behavior or otherwise deceive our users.

„To protect our users from this risk,“ continued Bing, „we have decided to ban advertisements for crypto currencies, related products, and unregulated binary options. Bing Ads will implement these changes to the Financial Products and Services Directive worldwide in June and will implement them by the end of June to the beginning of July.“

Bing is the second largest search engine after Google. How this will affect prices remains to be seen.


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