Ardor Coin – Main blockchain and Childblockchains

The Ardor Coin, also called ARDR for short, offers some novel blockchain technologies. The biggest achievement is the possibility to create several individual Childblockchains based on the main blockchain of Ardor. On these subchains you can also create your own childblockchains. Due to NxT technology and infinite scalability, the forecast looks pretty good. Wikipedia describes […]

Microsoft’s search engine Bing prohibits Crypto commercials

Melissa Alsoszatai-Petheo of Microsoft’s search engine Bing announced that all crypto ads will be banned with immediate effect. Microsoft is thus following in the footsteps of other market leaders such as Facebook, Google and Twitter, where these types of ads are either severely restricted or completely banned. will implement these changes to the Financial […]

Market and competition with Bitcoin

Using a specially developed Smart Wallet, users are to be able to execute transactions as well as to be processed as Smart Contracts. We like the idea of Quarkchain very much. If their approach proves successful, the project could outstrip many blockchain projects. That’s why we give 5/5 points for the idea. Market and competition […]

Bitcoin Code is a new blockchain project

Quarkchain is a new blockchain project that aims to achieve a perfect balance between decentralization, scaling and security. With over 1 million transactions per second, the project should not only eclipse well-known blockchains such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, but also put transaction giants such as Visa and Co. in their pockets. An ambitious goal that […]

Bitcoin plunge – Important $6,000 support zone must hold

The entire crypto currency market is suffering tremendously today. The Bitcoin course is currently facing an important support zone that must withstand to prevent another crash of the price. Bitcoin Price Highlights Bitcoin’s share price did not gain and broke through several important support zones Bitcoin is currently under strong sales pressure and approaching the […]