Handcrafted for little hands and a big curiosity
With momoll, imagination takes the lead. Our wooden toys and our children’s furniture aim to stimulate playful enthusiasm and curiosity. As a result, the functions are purposefully left undefined and can be interpreted as the whim strikes – allowing a kitchen to become a workbench, a post office counter or a puppet theater. A child’s imagination knows no bounds. We design our toys to be intuitively understood by children of all ages, combining the Scandinavian aesthetic with clear colors. Rather than being educationally insistent, we prefer to reduce things to the essential.

momoll has its origins in Norway
In a small workshop behind the Ødegaard family home, our grandfather Sigurd Ødegaard showed us how to make simple playthings out of wood. Later we went on to found momoll, but always look back to our childhood holidays in Norway as a source of inspiration.

Solid and durable 
The world of momoll is an active one: momoll toys and children’s furniture help develop mobility and motor skills. If the play gets a bit wild at times, that’s perfectly okay. Solid and durable, our toys are built to handle wear and tear. We want to promote sustainability from a young age and make sure our toys will still be around to give pleasure to future generations. Material that delivers what it promises
momoll toys and children’s furniture are manufactured by hand, in most cases out of high-grade birch plywood in various thicknesses. Instead of nails and screws, we rely on wooden pegs and elastic cord. Our designs are produced entirely in the workshops of the Zurich-based social enterprise Feinschliff (www.feinschliff.ch). The toys are not just fun for kids, but also for us, the designers and manufacturers.  

momoll – inspiring, smart & simple